Bob Kelly

Prices quoted do not include VAT (local tax). VAT is chargeable at 20% to all UK customers and to all EC customers who are not registered for VAT in their own country.

UK taxes are not chargeable to any customer outside of the European community or to EC members who are registered for VAT in their own country. Some customers based outside of the European Community may have to pay import duty in their own country.

While we do our best to make the product information contained within this web site accurate, we cannot guarantee that this is always the case, please contact us by e-mail to make sure the equipment you wish to purchase is still available.

Please Note that in most cases the used equipment for sale on our web site will not come with a manual, if we receive a manual when purchasing used equipment then we will pass it on to the customer but we cannot guarantee that this will always be the case.

Buyers Payment Terms: All equipment brokered through Worldwide Livesound Brokers is on a prepayment basis only.

All equipment should be in working order unless otherwise indicated. We carry no warranty stated or implied unless agreed at the time of sale. The Condition of equipment is stated as the seller has represented it to us. Equipment can be returned to the seller - (at the sellers cost) - if the condition is not as described by the seller in advance.

Shipping: The Buyer is responsible for all shipping costs. All equipment purchased through us is shipped with all Charges Forward including insurance or prepaid by the buyer who can arrange collection by their own shipper. All goods must be fully insured by the buyer prior to shipment. Please check all equipment upon arrival and initiate any damage claims immediately with the shipper. Please notify us of any transit damage which might have occurred immediately.

Returning Goods: Buyers have 3 days to fully check and test equipment. If there are any problems, we must be notified within 3 working days of receipt of goods. All conditions listed or given for the equipment for sale are to the best of our knowledge. Return freight (insured) is the responsibility of the buyer. The seller is only liable for return freight if one of the following applies:
- Goods are damaged due to improper packing.
- Condition of goods are not as described by the seller.
- Equipment is not in working order as described by the seller.

Sellers Payment Terms: Payment is made to seller by bank transfer upon receipt and approval of goods by the buyer less any commission payments due.

Pricing: The seller sets the price required for equipment for sale or instructs us to receive the best offer from interested companies. (*OTO - "Open to Offers" as listed on product listings webpage). Worldwide Livesound Brokers commission charges are normally between 10% - 15% which in most cases is paid by the seller.

Shipping: Seller agrees to ship equipment to the Buyer (at the buyers expense). if necessary - upon notification that payment has been received by us. Seller agrees to package all equipment safely for delivery to the Buyer. Please Note: Liability is with the seller and the carriage company for damage caused as a result of insufficient packing and/or damage incurred in transit to the Buyer. Seller agrees to repair or replace goods, or refund full purchase price (and shipping costs) if notified of a defect by the buyer via us due to improper packing. Safe packing is very important in order to avoid return of equipment.

Equipment Condition: All used equipment should be in good working order (unless otherwise stated by the seller in advance). The Seller should inform us of any changes to the status of the equipment for sale on their behalf: ie:change in price, condition, if sold elsewhere, and equipment availability. The Buyer has 5 days to inspect and approve the goods or return them in the event that they prove to be unsatisfactory or not as described by seller. The Seller is responsible for return freight costs if the condition of the equipment does not match the description provided by the seller to Worldwide Livesound Brokers in advance of any sale.

IMPORTANT: By allowing BK to sell your equipment, the seller confirms that they hold legal title to the goods they are selling, that they are free from any and all financial incumbents, are in satisfactory working order (unless otherwise stated) and that the condition of the equipment is described and listed accurately to the best of the seller's knowledge. By allowing BK to sell your equipment, you are agreeing to our terms.