Bob Kelly Products

CategorySpeaker Systems
CompanyD&B Audiotechnik
HeadingKSL Package
Cost€435,000 Euros
20 x KSL 8
4 x KSL 12
( there are 4 boxes on one cart). 
6 x SL Subs ( 3 x boxes per cart And there are 2 carts)
15 x D80 ( 2 x 6 D80 racks and 1 x 3 D80 rack). 
Z5726.000 KSL8 Cart package x 5 

Z5727.000 KSL12 Cart package x 1 

Z7492.760 3 x SL-SUB Cart Package x 2 

Z5576.001 6xD80 Touring rack CDA x 2 

Z5571.001 3xD80 Touring rack CDA x 1 

Z5721.000 KSL Flying frame set x 2 

Z5724.000 KSL Compression set x 2 

E7801.000 Touring Case KSL Compression x 2 

Z5706.000 Hoist connector chain 4t x 2 

Z5707.000 SL Aiming plate x 2 

Z5762.000 d&b ArraySight meter unit x 1 

Z5328.027 MC24 LKA 25 F/M Multicore27,5m x 2 

Z5325.000 Adapter LKA25M to 6x NLT4M x 4 

Z5343.005 MC8 Cable NLT8F/M 5m x 3 

Z5343.010 MC8 Cable NLT8F/M 10m x 1 

Z5343.020 MC8 Cable NLT8F/M 20m x 2 

Z5348.002 Adapter NLT8F to 2xNLT4M x 3 

Z5708.000 GSL Flying frame set x 2 

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