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HeadingS6L 24D Package with 48 x Analogue Inputs and 24 x Analogue Outputs
Cost€52,000 Euros

Avid Venue S6L 24D Package with 48 x Analogue Inputs and 24 x Analogue Outputs


  • 1 x Avid Venue S6L 24D Desk from 2017

  • 1 x Flight Case (Avid Venue S6L 24D Desk) (2017)

  • 1 x Avid Venue E6L-112 Engine (112xChs/48xBuses) (1xHDX-192 DSP/2xAVB-192) Brand New Unit” from 2019

  • 1xAvid Venue Stage 64 Stage Rack (6xSRI-192 Analogue Input Cards + 3xSRO-192 Analogue Output Cards (2017)

  • 4xCat6 Cable (100 mts)



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