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HeadingVi3000 with 64 channel Optical Stage box
Cost€18,225 Euros

24 input faders, 8 masters faders, up to 24 stereo buses + LCR Fitted with 48 local Mic/Line inputs and 16 outputs 4 local AES/EBU in/outs and 2 spdif. 4 Lexicon FX On board Dante & Optical MADI with 2 D21 option slots Fader Glow. Files compatible with all VI Consoles. Multimode Mode Optical MADI, - VI6 MADI StageBox 64in 24out, Aviom A-Net® CARD RS2498 (Stagebox) This card allows implementing the head of an Aviom A-Net® Pro-16 chain. With this standard, 16 mono signals can be fed to an infinite number of Aviom personal mixers (such as the A-16 II) may be connected in a daisy chain configuration. - Optical MADI Cables 150m. - Fully flightcased

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