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CategorySpeaker Systems
HeadingV-Dosc Package
Cost€220,000 Euros

34 x V-Dosc with new front foams
24 x SB218 Subs with new front foams
06 x dV-Dosc 
48 x LA48a Amps
12 x Amp racks with panels and 32A Power distr.
02 x Chariots (2 Bump2 & Rigging for 24 boxes)
02 x dV-Down fly bars
02 x dV-Rigging (Pair) Pins & angles for downfill
04 x NL4 dV-Links
16 x V-Dosc speaker links
08 x Speaker breakouts (Soca - F CA-COM cables)
08 x Amp breakouts (Soca - M CA-COM cables)
06 x DO-SUB cables
04 x Sub CA-COM subs
08 x CA-COM extensions

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