Bob Kelly Products

CategoryAmp Packages
CompanyD&B Audiotechnik
Headingd&b D12 Racks
Cost€3950 Euros each rack

The 6 racks come with compete wiring for analog audio, Aes and cat 5 for network or Cam Bus.

Link cables between the racks are included both for Audio and 3 phase. In the racks there are 3 D12 amps one patch panel ( see description above ). And one Pdu CEE 32 amp three phase with circuit breakers for each phase. There is one LK 25 speaker outlet connector mounted on the front of each rack wich is the standard connector for J and V system looms.

If your purpose is to use the amps for monitor or maybe a Q system you only have to by one Fan in EP5 to LK25 to use all the amps in single side mode.

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