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HeadingSD5 / SD10 Optocore Package
Cost€105,000 euros

1 x DiGiCo SD5 HMA/Optocore/Madi Desk from July 2012. Mostly TV studio work. 1 DiGiCo flightcase, 1 DiGiCo SD Rack HMA/Optocore/Madi 56 Analogue inputs + 40 Analogue outputs, 16 AES/EBU Outputs. 

2 x HMA/Optocore cable 150m
1 x HMA /Optocore cable 100m
1 x Madi cable 100m & 1 Madi cable 5m
Upgraded with new DiGiCo Stealth Core-2 Software

1 x SD10 HMA/Optocore from 2016 used in TV studio. 1 DiGiCo flightcase. 1 SD-Rack HMA/Opotocore 56 Analogue inputs, 40 Analogue outputs, 16 AES/EBU outputs. 

1 x HMA/Optocore 100m
1 x HMA/Optocore cable 5m

Upgraded with DiGiCo Stealth Core-2 software.

1 x WAVES Sound Grid SGS extreme Server
1 x WAVES DiGiGrid Interface MGB
1 x Switcher 16 x Ports(TL-SG1016 

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